Human Performance

At Pro Timeout Golf, we understand every human being can feel the same insecurities about their own human performance. Be that at work, daily life and elite sport.

We know how important a continuation of your objectives are. But a different perspective, change of surroundings and a deeper understanding of the true nature of thought and emotion and its impact on our performance in life and sport can be all it takes to get you where you need to be.

At Pro Timeout, we don't attempt to fix something that's not broken and we will keep your finely tuned engines running exactly as they are built to.

Pro Time Out and UK Mind Coach Paul Sampson, collaborate as we share the same passion for every individual to achieve their potential in sport and in life. As a former international athlete, Paul is able to help guide the ambitious or those in transitional times of their lives with heart felt pleasure.

U.K. mind coach Paul Samson offers:
One to one's
Teams and Group Sessions










Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Relationship Issues

Self Esteem

Sleep or Insomnia

Sports Performance


Weight Loss


At Pro Timeout, we understand the need for complete discretion and confidentiality. Our coaches and councillors are fully accredited and certified. 

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